Tree Surgery Services

We offer a full range of tree services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Hampshire and Dorset, carried out by professional and well-mannered staff. Our health and safety procedures and commitment to our workforce are second to none, ensuring our sites are always safe for our staff and members of the public.

Tree Surgery

Arbormac Arboriculture are able to carry out tree surgery works to improve the overall condition/appearance of your trees. These services include:

Crown Reductions – Reducing the overall crown of the tree. This is often carried out to remove hazardous limbs, allow more light, or to generally help retain larger trees in areas they would otherwise outgrow.

Crown Thinning / Cleaning – The thinning of a tree is preferable to reduction in many species. This often has the same effect of allowing more light through, but can potentially be better long term due to the practise not encouraging masses of thick new growth.

Crown Lifting/Raising – Carried out for a variety of reasons, most often for pedestrian or vehicular access, but can also be a great way of letting more light through to your property without resorting to a heavy crown reduction.

Deadwooding – Deadwood within the crown of a tree is common as a tree matures. In some cases, this is removed; generally for aesthetic or safety reasons.


Often mistaken for topping, pollarding is the practice of regularly pruning trees to form pollard ‘knuckles’. This process is generally started when the tree is relatively young, with the regrowth consistently pruned out, often on a yearly basis.

This is an ideal way of controlling trees in built-up areas such as our towns and cities, thus allowing us to enjoy the greenery that trees provide even in confined spaces.

Formative Pruning

This is the process of shaping a tree when it is young. Every variety of tree has a different natural growth habit and to achieve their best form will often benefit from some formative pruning in the early stage of their lives. 

For some trees, for example fruit trees, left unpruned they will for the most part produce a crown cluttered with branches, subsequently yielding smaller, lower-quality fruit. Formative pruning in this case is essential to improve yield.

Estate Tree Management

Arbormac Arboriculture provides tree surgery services to a number of commercial customers, including large estates with many large roadside tree stock.

It is therefore essential that as a company we have the knowledge to identify hazardous trees in these types of environments, as well as the skills, machinery, and expertise to deal with any potential safety or remedial tree works that are deemed necessary.

Storm Clearance

We are available for storm clearance of fallen or damaged trees, including the initial making safe of the area and removal of any hanging limbs or collateral damage caused by the initial failure. 

The loss of any limb from a tree can often cause other long term issues with trees, or surrounding trees in the immediate area. Arbormac Arboriculture can assess any long term impact caused from storm damage, and advise accordingly on any future tree safety works that may be required.

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