Hedge & Shrub Maintenance

We have a lot of experience in trimming and maintaining hedges, from large overgrown conifers to carefully manicured topiary. We can advise on the best way to bring an overgrown hedgerow back under control, or when necessary assist with the removal and replanting of new hedgerows. Regular maintenance contracts are available on all hedge cutting. We can book you in for your yearly trim well in advance so you can be sure your hedges will always look their best.

Hedge Trimming

Keeping a hedge healthy and looking tidy requires regular trimming at varying times of the year. When and how depends on species and size of hedge.

Maintaining your hedges will mean they remain in the shape and area you want them to. For a real tidy crisp finish, some hedging varieties benefit from 2 trims a year, whilst slower growing hedges such as Yew can be kept under control with 1 annual trim.

Contact us for advice from the experts on all hedge and shrub trimming work.

Ornamental Trimming

Ornamental trees and shrubs can really make a property stand out from the crowd.

Ornamental pruning, or topiary does require a lot of maintenance, however this precision hand cutting will leave a lasting impression with your friends and neighbours.

Arbormac Arboriculture carry out pruning to established ornamentals, or we can train newly planted varieties so they grow into your chosen shape.

Hedge Reductions

Most hedges are a series of trees which left to grow will revert back to the size and growth pattern of a tree, which could leave you with a hedge of substantial height. This is particularly true of species such as the notorious Leylandii hedge.

The species of hedge dictates on how much of a reduction can be carried out at one time but most can successfully be restored to their former glory.

In such cases where its not possible to restore a hedge (usually due to the width) we are able to fell and replant with a new hedgerow which can be managed on a more regular basis in the future.

Get in touch

For expert hedge trimming, topiary, and general hedge and shrub maintenance throughout Hampshire and Dorset, please send us a brief description of your requirements and a member of our team will contact you.

e: info@arbormac.co.uk
t: 02381 575574
a: New Forest National Park, United Kingdom

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