Tree Felling & Removal

We provide professional tree removal throughout the counties of Hampshire and Dorset. The term felling refers to the process of cutting down entire trees from the base of the trunk, however, it is rarely as straightforward as that. We have a number of options at our disposal for the safe removal of trees either in woodlands or built-up environments.

Sectional Tree Dismantles

This involves the use of rope and harness, and an appropriately qualified and experienced tree surgeon to dismantle the tree in stages.

If necessary we often employ the use of rigging ropes, pulleys, and other equipment to safely lower sections of the tree’s canopy to the ground. This minimises the risk of any possible damage during the removal process.  

For safety reasons, wherever access and ground conditions allow, we will opt for a mobile working platform such as a cherry picker for carrying out any aerial tree work.

Straight Felling

Wherever possible we will fell trees without climbing. This can only be performed in larger areas that allow us enough space to achieve it, therefore with the nature of our work, straight felling is generally restricted to woodlands or other larger commercial sites.

Even when space is available to fell a tree from ground level, it is rarely entirely straightforward and should only be carried out by professionally trained chainsaw operatives.

Guidelines/pulling ropes are often used to create the leverage necessary for trees that are not already weighted in a favourable direction. Coupled with the correct felling techniques, we can ensure precision tree felling at all times.

Crane Removals

In some cases, it can prove beneficial, and at times more cost-effective, to employ the use of a mobile crane. For large trees, this can often make the difference between a job taking 1 day, or multiple days.

Whilst the cost of a crane itself can be expensive, the labour-saving costs can easily outweigh this.

Disposal of Arisings

All arisings resulting from our tree felling contracts are recycled wherever possible with any good timber going to our sawmill or for firewood, and the rest going for biomass.

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For fair pricing and excellent tree felling services throughout Hampshire and Dorset, please send us a brief description of your requirements and a member of our team will contact you.

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