Emergency call out to remove fallen Beech tree in Dibden Purlieu

Yesterday saw us on-site with a new customer in Dibden Purlieu to make safe and clear a mature fallen Beech tree in their garden.

The tree had come down during the recent winds doing significant damage to the raised decking in the process. An important aspect of clearing up storm-damaged trees is in minimising any further damage done during the clean-up operation, which is why we would always advise using a professional tree service for such work. Fallen trees are often under hidden stresses and tensions that will easily catch out an inexperienced chainsaw operative, potentially causing personal injury in the process.

The tree had also caused some collateral damage to a second Beech tree on the site, which needed inspecting to ensure it was safe to be left standing.

In addition to the damage caused to the decking, the tips of the tree had destroyed some fencing on the opposite side of the garden. The trampoline had a lucky escape though!

The client had a wood-burning stove, so requested that all useable logs from the tree were left on site. All of the larger branches and main stem were cut into rings ready for splitting and then stacked for the customers to use. Beech is a premium firewood and there’s plenty of it there to provide a few cosy nights by the fireplace!

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns regarding the safety and stability of your trees.